EASY Lemonade braids for kids | BACK TO SCHOOL

EASY Lemonade braids for kids | BACK TO SCHOOL

Beyonce inspired lemonade braids the lemonade braids for kids, The braids are still small and VERY natural looking! I added 6 pieces of hair into each braid for consistency of size and length. I left her baby hair out around her edges and smoothed them down using “Murrays Edge Wax” to protect them.

I started each braid off with her own hair for a more natural look… The 🔑 to feed in braids is add hair WITHOUT it being noticeable. It’s supposed to look as if it’s your own natural hair braided !! If you have more questions that could not be answered please comment below, if I don’t reply back its because the question was already answered! lemonade braids for kids

Lemonade Braids | Beyoncé Inspired | Kids Version

Kids Lemonade braids for Little Ms. Peyton AKA Slayton … Princess Crown Braid: One Of The Best Updated Version For Teenage Girl’s Back To School 

lemonade braids with color for kids

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