African threading hairstyles for kids using Brazilian wool thread hair

I show you how to do African threading with yarn. This is known as Yarn Threading. You can use any type of yarn to recreate this style. Way back, I remember children sitting on stools and t… … African hair threading with rubber thread Brazilian Wool Hairstyles, African Natural Hairstyles,

Today i will be showing you how to African threading hair using Brazilian wool hair thread. this wool is so nice and’s like braiding hair,

African wool hairstyles for Kids

Today I will be showing you how to African threading hair using Brazilian wool hair thread.this wool is so nice and’s like braiding hair

African Threading, Braids, and Twists | Natural Hair Kids Style:

We went to watch the movie Wrinkle in Time and saw SO MANY hairstyles from braids to twists to hairstyle woven in strings. This inspired us to do this ALL in ONE natural hairstyle for kids. You are going to be threading, braiding and twisting your hair to this CUTE hairstyles. She is enjoying Wrinkle in Time book she got at Target.

Learn how to grow your hair longer & stronger using African Threading technique: African wool hairstyles

African Threading will stretch your hair, grow hair length and protect your natural hair. threading African wool hairstyles have been around for centuries. It is also a good hairstyle for both adults and children. My daughter, Zara, is my model in this video. I grow her natural hair using African threading and it is a suitable hairstyle for school.I use Brazilian wool in threading her hair but you can use any other thread or yarn.

Crochet Faux Locs With Brazilian Wool Hair:

Since I opened the Natural hair salon NMHair Studio, I’m learning new tricks on how to take care of natural hair. In this video, I share with you how I do faux locks with Brazilian wool now. It does not result in the unnecessary pulling of the hair, faster to install. I like it and I hope you will find thus video helpful. African Threading Natural Hair with Yarn
Wow this is such an interesting way to stretch natural hair without thread.
You’re so creative thank you for sharing! Also, I struggle with moisturizing my hair but once I watched your video on how to keep your hair moisturized longer and trying it, it worked!
Thank you so much for helping not just me with my natural hair struggles but many people as well! You even take your time to reply to each and every one of us!

African Hairstyles For Kids with African wool hairstyles

African Hairstyles For Kids, Kids Braided Hairstyles, Braids Hairstyles …
African threading #tranças de Linha Brazilian Wool Hairstyles, African Natural ….Afro kinky Hair & Beauty Salon on Instagram: “African threading African wool .back to basics …

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