Simple & Cute Backwards Braid

Whereas a regular French braid will lay flat against your head, the ReverseFrench braid will appear to sit on top of the rest of your hair. … This handy elevation gives the reverse French braid an opportunity that its predecessor doesn’t have: the chance to turn into a faux-hawk.  A reverse French braid simply requires you to braid you hair as you normally would with a French braid, but instead you cross the hair under the middle portion of hair, rather than over.

Reverse fishtail braid

Grab a section of hair at the top of your head, and divide it into three equal sections. 2. Start braiding your hair—but cross the strands under the middle piece instead of over. 3. Begin grabbing and adding other small sections of hair every time you cross a piece under the middle strand. Want to learn how to DIY a reverse French braid? It’s easier than it looks. Jennifer Lawrence’s longtime hairstylist Jenny Cho shares her braid .

Reverse french braid updo

A dutch braid trailing up the back of the head and ending in a messy bun is a new tutorial from the Upside Down Dutch Braid to Bun. When we’re not finding out how exactly Kate Bosworth nailed that backwardsparting plait, or following step by steps of how to do a fishtail plait.  A French braid is a variation on the classic three strand braid where you add in … It’s sometimes called an “inside-out” braid or reverse braid. Then, flip your head upside down, take the bottom section of your hair that’s not clipped, and do an upside-down French braid (or Dutch braid) …

Simple Ways to Do Double French Braids

Switch up your hair with a fun new combo hairstyle! Check out how to master the upside down braid hair in 2 different ways.  Start at the crown of your head and do a backwards french braid down your head. Once you get to a spot for your bun stop braiding and put a clear …

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