Trending Big Box Braids Styles

Long twist box braids styled into a half bun Twist box braids are also quite trendy and attractive. To style your big twist box braids like the lady in the image above, first section some braids from the front of your head to the middle.

Box Braids Styles Pictures

Jumbo box braids are everywhere right now, they’re such a beautiful and versatile way to wear your hair. Also known as box braids, and every.

Extra Large Box Braids

We love this protective style and have put together a list of 23 stunning big box braid hairstyles to get you inspired! You will find trendy bobs.

Jumbo Box Braids are just the right style if you want to rock your braid look with low maintenance and still manage to protect your hair. Some people think you.

Super Jumbo Box Braids

Keeping your big box braids under control can be a challenge. The solution – an over-sized ballerina bun. Keep thing structural and make sure .


Thinking of the most convenient female hairstyles for African American women, box braids are the first that comes to mind. And I mean here, first of all, big, full …

How to do Big Box Braids Styes tutorials for short, medium and long hair. Different images of big box braids with beads, buns and triangle parts.

Our regular hairstyling routine goes on vacation when we do, and this season our protective style of choice is jumbo box braids.

Jumbo box braids are a bigger and thicker variant of the famous African-rooted protective hairstyle that divides natural hair into boxy shapes.

But you sure haven’t seen anything like jumbo box braids. This gorgeous braiding style is characterized by thick braids and a prominent parting.  Love protective hairstyles that stand out from the crowd? These jumbo box braids styles show you all the different ways you can wear your big.


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