African Thread Hair styles

Generally, when we think of African threading it is a style that you hide under a scarf or a wig because it ain’t cute. In this video, I share how I style to mine so it’s actually a wearable style. I show you step by step what I do and a few tips and tricks to ensure you love your finished look. And there is a trick to it..

African threading for hair growth

While it isn’t new, many people still ask, what is African threading? Find out more about this traditional hair method and why it works for. African threading is a traditional styling technique that goes back ages. … Stretching or straightening natural hair without heat ….. down to Mexico and would wrap a colored string around their hair and then would let it grow out.

Best type of thread to use for African hair threading

african threading short hair

Explore Temitope Walker’s board “African Hair Threading” on … For Black Women – Make no difference whether you sport short or long hair. Explore Havilah’s board “African thread hair styles” on Pinterest. See more ideas. Short locs, thick locs, loc journey, comb coils Dreadlock Styles, Dreads Styles.

Best type of thread to use for african hair threading

African Threading is a great way to stretch your hair with no heat. It won’t make your hair pin straight, but for a blown out look, this is our current go-to method. African Hair Threading is a traditional method of threading (banding) your natural hair to achieve a beautiful hair style or a stretched Afro.

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