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Kambua have mastered the art of great hairstyle and rarely will you catch her with a bad hair day. So someone over the weekend mentioned that gospel singer Kambua doesn’t seem to have bad hair day. ALSO READ 10 myths, misconceptions about natural. Well, songstress Kambua has driven the internet crazy with her latest hairstyles. She looks too gorgeous and we can not get enough of it. The ‘Usiku na Mchana’ Singer has a signature style which includes rocking African prints and natural hairstyles. Her hairstyles effortlessly.

kambua darling hairstyles

 Kambua is a trendsetter not only for her top notch fashion sense but also for her amazing hair styles,she is a proof that bold is beautiful. – Kambua looks good in any hairstyle, don’t you agree? Well she us currently spotting a brand new braided hairstyle and we are loving it.  Kambua looks amazing in cornrows. Kambua is one of the most fashionable celebrities in Kenya. She always has new hairstyles, new coolest .

What amazes many is how Kambua manages to rock simple hairstyles and making them look so good.  Are you searching for Kenyan hairstyles for natural hair? Read on as we inform you about the various Kenyan hairstyles and their names. It’s a good beginning to 2017 for gospel artist and Kubamba show host Kambua.

latest weave hairstyles in kenya

his Kenyan braid hairstyle is here to stay! … kenyan braid hairstyles. Courtesy: Kambua shows off her Ghanian braids in true African style. Kambua Manundu is not only a beautiful woman but also a stylish one. … out sharing a stunning photo of her made-up face with a new hairstyle.

kenyan weaves styles

 Kenyan gospel singer Kambua has exposed a man who slid into her DM with an unlikely request which the singer labelled as a ‘disturbing’ message. The man only identified as Vik wanted the sassy singer to be his sponsor. Kambua was not amused by Vik’s proposal and took a screen. Hey guys, as you can tell, I’m really a fan of Kambua. From her fashion sense to her hair. She really loves protective hairstyles like braids and .

Kambua is adept in regards to which hairstyle suits her. Her taste in hair is succinct and is always on point. Kambua knows how to style her. Gospel singer cum TV presenter Kambua Manundu is the new brand ambassador for Darling Hairstyles. The singer revealed the good news.  Its quite clear that there exist a difference between trendy and fashionable. The line is however quite thin and mistaking one for the other is very.

Gospel singer Kambua has finally answered the most asked question about why she hasn’t had children yet. She is pushing over six years in . In the year 2011 Kambua was nominated for the East Africa Music Awards, (London), as well as the … She is just wonderful with no hairstyle of wigs and weaves.

She slaysSo someone over the weekend mentioned that gospel singer Kambua doesn’t seem to have bad hair day. I am not hair enthusiast but she slays eve…

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