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This award-winning Kenyan comedy show premiered on NTV in 2007, went on a short hiatus in 2009, before coming back bigger and better in 2013. Churchill show is definitely the only show in East Africa that solely focuses on nurturing young talents, enabling youth to grow and benefit from what they can do best.Best comedy shows to watch on Showmax now

Best comedy shows to watch on Showmax now

Remembering Kofi Annan, the man who saved Kenya from a crisis in 2007/08. This week on “Standing On Guard”, we remember the late former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan, who died aged 80, and look at the impact of.10 most watched Kenyan music videos on YouTube in 2014. Staff Writer. Shares. 2014 was an interesting year for Kenyan music videos. We had some pretty funny videos hitting our airwaves. Form the raunchy videos by Sauti Sol and Sanaipei that showed us more skin than we were used to, to the disturbing videos like Money Maker by Blaqy. It’s been …

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Submitted by Kenyan Comedy Reviews on Friday, Sep 23, 2016 Top Kenyan Comedy Videos. I have watched their videos and I can tell you that these guys are real comedians. What happens to them. I see it’s a long time since they uploaded a new video on youtube

When it comes to Kenyan comedy, house helps are the new black. It is almost impossible to picture a comedy show without an out of sorts house help who is always stirring up some drama. Nice Wanjeri, who is popularly known by her stage name “Shiru” is one of the most sought after characters from the show Auntie Boss.

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He is the only local comedian with a street named after him Nairobi. The Kipanga Athumani Road in Eastleigh was named after the Father of Kenyan comedy. For long before stand up became a .Churchill Show is a Kenyan comedy show hosted by comedian Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki. Watch the biggest movement of entertainment and comical sketches in the funniest and wittiest stand-up comedy. Watch now » Classmates Classmates on SHOWMAX. Classmates is set in a tertiary mid-level institution with new entrants being our main characters.

Comedy is a new, fresh platform for the modern philosopher to stand on. Stand-up comedy is a form of social commentary. It is a perfect way.  Kenyan comedy has gone through many cycles and phases. Although there’s still a popular opinion among comedy critics that Kenya’s comedy 

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi brought Times Square in New York city to a ‘standstill’ after he posed as an African traditional healer …

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