African hairstyles

Korean Magic Perm on black Hair

I got Magic Perm last Saturday and it turned out really nice and it stayed … When my hair was still wet, it looked really straight and flat, but as it dried, … know is that they dont reccomend it on nappy hair (a black person’s hair).  Yes she is black, Yes she is American (she teaches English in Korea) and Yes her natural hair was 4a-4b Kinky before her treatment. Magic Straight Perm by Mi Sun Kim Japanese Straight Perm, Balayage Hair Dark Short, …. Black Hair With Chocolate Balayage Long Layered Haircuts, Choppy Layers …. Perm(s) Korean Hairstyle Long, Korean PermPerm Curls, Digital Perm.

Easy Korean Magic Straight perm on 4a-4b afro-textured hair and air dry

Most Asians in fact do not have naturally straight hair, and today few of them have time … But how, you might ask, does a “magic straight” work? . grrrltraveler magic volume in Korea, getting your hair done in Koreakorean … The hair style is perm called Magic Straight (ultra-straightened hair) or … hidden beneath and between hairs… an Asian afro dying to sprong out.

Japanese hair straightening is a popular method of straightening curly or wavy hair. … relies on a special solution that’s applied to hair, similar to a flat perm. … success of the treatment, particularly for African American women. Cure One Step Japanese Magic Hair Straightening Treatment Straight Cream by AURORA: Beauty. … Utena Proqualite Ex Short Straight Perm Kit From Japan …. eggs but five minutes in my hair looks like gum and has went from pure black to blond. … It comes from Korea and took 3 weeks or so to get to me

In this study, the changes in hair quality before and after Magic straight perm have been evaluated through a hair damage measurement . In Korea, they have something called “Magic Straight Perms” that are supposed to keep your hair dead straight for three months. Magic straight .

I’ve you’re searching for information regarding permanent hair straightening, Korean hair straightening, or Korean magic straight perm—you’re. A perm typically lasts three to six months, depending on your hair type and … Those with naturally curly or wavy hair who want a stick-straight look …. Decide to go from deep black to dirty blonde without the help of your stylist?

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