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It is to be noted that Ghanaian lines hairstyles, also known as Pencil braids or Pencil lines braids, are one of the most sought after and the most stylish hairstyles. Discover ideas about African Braids Hairstyles Pictures. Image may contain 3 people. African BraidsHairstyles PicturesBraided HairstylesGirls BraidsBlack Girl …

latest Ghanian lines

Ghanian lines styles

They are just simple, medium-sized pencil lines, that are held together in a ponytail and the ends are elongated such that they can touch you…

jumbo ghana braids

While some call it Banana cornrow, others refer to it as Cherokee cornrow, Invisible cornrow, Ghana cornrow or Pencil braids. Irrespective of whatever name one. But no matter how carefully you align and mark the braid, parts of it seem to resist … Trim the starting triangles using the pencil lines, rather than the cut edges.

Are you looking for the gorgeous Ghana braids? Wanna rock? If yes, then keep reading this post to find the best hairstyle for you.

Ghanian lines designs

Ghana braids, like other braiding styles, have a rich traditional significance in the … the Ghana braids still remain distinct despite the fine line that delineates them … pencil cornrows, invisible cornrows and the interesting name, banana braids.

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