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Simply twist your hair into small matuta-like buns and like an African goddess! The perk to this is you can later on unravel them if you want to rock a curly ‘fro.  Are you searching for Kenyan hairstyles for … Remember, you can also use three stand braids (matuta) to achieve this look. hose who don’t have any experience with dreadlocks probably believe that my hairstyle maintenance is a walk in the park. No, it’s not but . How to do Jumbo Box Braids Styes tutorials for short, medium and long hair. Different images of jumbo box braids with beads, buns and …

Easy matuta hairstyle Lines

Natural hair of any length looks great when braided. … What’s more, you can have them on for weeks with minimal maintenance. To ensure you get the maximum and enjoy the duration of your braids; you should do the following before braiding: … nice to ensure you do a thorough washing and conditioning before braiding.

Simple plain lines hairstyles

For the first two to three days after you braid your hair, apply coconut or olive oil on the edges to reduce the … Before you braid your hairwash and deep condition it so that it stays strong. … For those with soft hair on the hairline, avoid braiding it. … You can then apply conditioner only on the natural hair before rinsing again.

Here’s the how to wash your braids the right way so they stay looking fresh for longer. … July 18, 2016 … Whether you’re natural or not, there are so many reason to rock a … Beyond shielding your hair from the harsh sun, styles like braids, … Every shampoo doesn’t have to turn into a frizzy disaster. Small; Medium; Large.  If you’re considering braids for your afro hair, follow our aftercare, and … I love having braids and literally miss them with my entire heart in the time in between styles. … On average, a speedy braider can complete mediumsized braids in … Wash it, condition it and deep condition the day before to make sure .

Every lady wants to have her hair styled unforgettably, combining beauty with comfort and protectiveness. We have some good news for you ..  to tell them that they found him there when they came with their wives who had Matuta which refers to an unkempt and unclassy hairstyle.

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