Famous black guy with Mohawk

Looking for a fun hairstyle to wear for a fun day? Mohawk hairstyles for black men offer a cool yet tough look for guys searching to change up their style.

black mens mohawk fade

The mohawk fade makes for an awesome variation of the traditional Mohawk hairstyle. With buzzed sides that taper to longer, spiked hair on top, the faded mohawk offers a cool haircut style guys can try in 2019. One of the reasons mohawk fade styles have become popular is that anyone can get it and make it unique.

usher mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk As a fresh and on-trend take on the traditional fade, a burst fade is an excellent option for mohawked men looking to show off their thick locks. Similar to a drop fade, this cut curves down around the ear towards the back of the head.

The mohawk fade haircut is popular for its edgy, punk rock vibe. While there are many faded mohawk styles for men to choose from, not all mohawk hairstyles.

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