Nigerian inspired hairstyles

Nigerian inspired hairstyles include; Hausa braids,Igbo braids,Yoruba braids, Kiko hairstyle,Kanuri hairstyle

Hausa braids

Hausa braids. Hausa braids are a type of Nigerian hairstyles with braids that take on different forms. The traditional Hausa is a braids hairstyle that runs from the forehead down and forms rumps on top of your head. Alternatively, it could be an elongated braid from the back of your head to the top.

igbo hairstyles

igbo traditional hairstyles,  Igbo women and girls and their hairstyles, 1900-1930.The crested hairstyle ojongo was popular until the mid-20th century,  A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and the way it is styled says a lot about her. Although men often complain about their wives spending

kiko hairstyle

African Naturalistas: Kiko Yato si Kiko: African Hair Threading made beautifully.  Wool braids are nice and beautiful when you make them. So want to know what styles you can make with your Brazilian wool?

yoruba didi hairstyles

Discover ideas about Nigerian Braids. … Nigerian photographer J. ‘Okhai Ojeikere dedicated much of his career to documenting hair styles in Nigeria after the country’s emancipation from Britain in We came across these gorgeous ph…. … Black Girls Hairstyles, Braided Hairstyles, Braid ..

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