4c Hair wet Look on THICK Type 4 Natural Hair

How to Grow Waist Length 4c Natural Hair (My Hair Journey, Current Routine, Products)How I fully recovered my heat damaged shoulder length natural 4c hair and grew it to waist length and healthy! I will be sharing my favorite products, techniques, and natural hair tips for girls with 4c natural hair. PRODUCTS I USE. How to grow waist length 4c natural hair, natural hair growth tips, growing natural hair

Yall… I decided to try the 4c hair wet and to my surprise I actually like it.
I didn’t think my low porosity, thick medium density hair could achieve this 4c hair wet look but look at me now. Not to mention this took no time at all. Loving it

4c hair wet Products used:

1.Mielle Organics Curling Custard
2.Wetline Xtreme Gel – Blue
3.Style Factor Edge Booster Gel – Blueberry

Black woman 4c hair wet

I just wanted to point one thing out about 4c hairstyles
Just cause your curls are different shapes and sizes don’t necessarily mean the products( 4c hair )won’t work on your hair it’s all about porosity and how your hair drinks up certain products! ( 4c hair product)

4c hair wet and dry

I know for a fact my 4c hair wet and dry all around but I’ve noticed
some parts of my hair are more high porosity then other areas keep looking for a product that works on all of your 4c hair care Start with something light and work your way up the scale to something thick and
creamy also make sure you are cleansing your hair properly because buildup on the hair and scalp also affect how your 4c hair growth stages take to certain things !!! Keep inspiring the world yaw

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