HOW TO: Medium Size Box Braids

Box braids medium length styles

Medium Size Box Braids, Quick video showing some chunky box braids done, u can use braids with Clour. Tutorial! I installed it the same way you would regular crochet braided 12 braids going back in the front and connected those into 6 braids in the back. Put hook under the braid put the loop from the braid onto the hook pulled it through then put the end of the braid through the loop and pull. No need to knot the braid at the top unless to want to

Medium Box Braids with Color

See more ideas about African braids, Box braids hairstyles, and Hairstyle ideas. … Box Braids Medium length Colour 6 (2.5 packs used to create this look). Medium box braids Color #118 Twist Braid Hairstyles, Protective Hairstyles, … Red & Black Medium Box Braids Black Box Braids, Colored Box Braids, …

Medium sized box Braids Shoulder Length

Used 4bags of 82inch expression braiding hair and had all cut in 3sections
Wondering how to choose the right size box braids? Here’s how to choose the right size to maintain the integrity of your box braid edges! Box Braids Done By Dejah Pratt Took About 5 Hours Used 4 Bags Of Havanah Twist Hair

Medium Box Braids Triangle parts

If you like to play with color and you want some hairstyle inspiration, here are 30 … Box braid goal Curly Hair Braids, Medium Hair Braids, Diy Braids, Braids 

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