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professor hamo salary at hot 96….. the famous Churchill show Stand up comedian Prof. Hamo, ( Herman Kago), joined Hot 96 FM as a cost-host to Jeff Koinange after Jango’s departure.Professor Hamo whose real name is Herman Gakobo Kago was born in Nakuru county. He is a kenyan comedian who features on Churchill Show PROFESSOR HAMO BIOGRAPHY He was born and brought up in Nakuru.Hamo grew up in the

A video on Hamo’s Instagram

A video on Hamo’s Instagram account confirmed a lot of speculation as to whether he was joining the radio station or would be a guest on Jeff’s Show.
Speaking to Prof. Hamo, confirm the appointment stating he is starting work on Thursday.

After Jalango’s exit, Hot 96 resorted to rotating comedians to co-host the breakfast show with Jeff. The show hosted comedians Sleepy David and Oga Obinna in what seemed to be a search for the perfect co-host.

Hamo went to school at Kisumu Polytechnic where he studied electrical engineering but dropped out after two years.

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The comedian auditioned six times before he finally made to the Churchill Show. His big break came when professor hamo videos download” professor hamo in heaven there is no beer “was uploaded on Youtube and it went viral. Prof. Hamo and Jeff Koinange Together they team up to tackle politics, entertainment, trending topics, and matters sports.

Professor Hammo share an inspirational story from their vast experience in reporting and theatre respectively. His aim is to give listeners a peak into their lives.

Prof hamo biography: Father of two kids

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Churchill Show comedian Professor Hamo has become the latest sensation in the laugh industry, always leaving audiences in stitches with his unique style. The 35-year-old Nakuru ‘Professor’ is .Professor Hamo who is an electrical engineer by profession and studied electrical engineering at the Kisumu Polytechnic but dropped out of school. In remarking why he dropped out of college, Professor Hamo said: First of all, my going to college was to prove a point to my family that I could actually do something with my life.