Goddess Box braids locs with curly

Goddess Box braid can be done with bohemian goddess locs, jumbo and mermaid, how to do goddess box braids is very simple and easy as shown in the video below

Medium Faux locs with Curly Ends

Goddess braids are sometimes called Granny braids. They are large,
cornrow-style braids that usually lie flat along the scalp. Goddess braids are a great way to protect your hair while it grows and can be braided in many ways. The typical way for braiding them is in large cornrows.

How long do goddess box braids last?

Goddess braids can last anywhere from one week to six weeks depending on the style. Needed a quick cute hairstyle for my natural hair.
This quick easy protective style is called goddess box braids

How To – Goddess Box Braids@

PRODUCTS USED in large goddess box braids;

  1. 1 Pack of Fashion Sources 100% Human Hair
  2. 4 Packs of Xpressions Braiding hair (Cut in Half)
  3. Hicks Total Transformations Edge Control
  4. Shine N Jam