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Simple Short Sponge Twists

In the world of natural hair, a product known as the hair sponge has come along and changed the game. Also marketed as an afro spongecurl sponge. Twist hair sponge brush, and magic twist sponge, the hair sponge is a tool. That’s used to achieve a number of styles, primarily on. Using the hair sponge, women with type 3 and 4 hair types are able to define. Twists, curls, coils, and even start dreads, with this innovative hair product.

Sponge Twist Natural hair

What would normally take hours sometimes is now reduced to only minutes with the help of the twist loc hair sponge. See how it works!. Getting dreadlocks done by a professional stylist is the easiest method, but can be costly. Make your hair into dreadlocks at home using the towel rub method. The towel rub method is different than conventional methods of “dreading,” which uses a metal comb to tease hair.

The idea of using what looks like cleaning sponge on your hair may seem od. But it can actually be Another method lets you sponge your hair using a towel. Complete your bath linen with this practical hair sponge especially made to dry. At the front of the towel allows keeping everything, once the hair is wrapped.

Youssef the barber curl sponge

 Read on for how to encourage your curls minus the heated hair tools. .’ Simply take your towel and press and twist the hair rather than roughly. The fact is, it’s possible to clean every part of your body but your hair using a bathing outfit should include a 15-inch metal basin, washcloth, towel, soap.

How to twist your hair without a sponge

 Keep your baby wrapped in a towel, and expose only the parts of her body you are .miserable, go back to sponge baths for a week or two, then try the bath again When your child has hair, you’ll need baby shampoo, too.

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